To Evolve we must Learn. This could be A Time to Shine

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

New Zealanders were forced into a fully digital world for 7 long weeks. And while there were some great learnings for organisations and leaders about autonomy and flexibility, we yearned for human connection. It totally sucked being disconnected from each other, being fully virtual.

So now as we creep closer to Alert level 1, many of the companies we are talking to are having conversations about the practicalities of being “better businesses.” They are finding new ways of working and figuring out what is best for each person in their organisation. HURRAH!

But what does this mean for our Learning and Development plans? Companies recognising the need to evolve is great, but a necessary part of the company evolving is everyone learning and growing, so we can meet the challenges of a fast-changing world. This really can be an opportunity for us all to SHINE!


We know that human connection is powerful and real life, meaningful relationships are invaluable to the success of a business. Human interaction will always be the most relevant way to build real bonds through looking someone in the eye, sharing an experience or a laugh.

As technologist and researcher Clay Shirky said:

“Video conferencing is never going to be better than meeting in person, it’s only better than nothing.”

The same can be said when learning – human connections and interactions are an essential part of the learning process. While we can do lots of great stuff with immersive and whizzy new digital technology, without face to face learning, we risk our people learning in a vacuum … in ways that could lack meaning.


Learning is all about making brilliant behaviours stick…at FizzPopBANG we create deeply engaging learning experiences led by knowledgeable, passionate and bright-eyed facilitators. But according to the American Society for Training and Development

“Employees can risk losing up to 90% of the skills they learn in training once they go back to their jobs…”

So, we firmly believe that what happens before and after any workshop is as important as the workshop itself. The best learning creates real behaviour change and action through a blend of face-to-face and digital platforms and content.

For people to be their best, relationships and interactions are key. Digital tools need to enhance these real-life experiences, the two should not be mutually exclusive. Digital tools can enable people to reconnect with the learning they have done with others, in their own time, to reinforce and embed learning. It’s not meant to be a virtual world of doing it alone or hiding away.

Our approach to blended learning is about helping people learn the way they learn best, whizzed together with opportunities for discussion, coaching and practice with others.

Ultimately, we believe in continuous learning to enhance experiences and create action!

So, where does digital learning thrive?

1. DEEPER DIVING - Once we’ve learnt the theory in a workshop and made some plans, it’s now about holding onto that great intent a week later. Building on those fabulous thoughts and ideas that bubbled up when you had time to think. Digital tools can give us space in our own time to dive deeper into each subject and plan the first steps to make the change happen.

2. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Putting learning into action can often feel a little daunting. Making the leap from what may feel easy in a “classroom” setting, to real life situations may be harder than first thought, especially when it doesn’t always go to plan. This is where digital tools can help people support each other, to have the conversations that really matter or find the confidence to make a plan and have a go. Everyone can learn and grow from each experience.

3. GO ON MINI ADVENTURES - Digital learning tools can help you explore more about yourself and your team. They can allow you to go on a voyage of discovery to find the answers for yourself.

Coaching conversations can also help you discover your own solutions to create the life you want or to get to grips with a challenge you are facing. Whether these conversations are online or face to face, there is no doubt that they supercharge your learning.

As we start to “build back better”, our businesses need to adapt, and a necessary part of that evolution is everyone learning and growing to keep up with the fast-paced changing world. Learning and development in workplaces needs to be a more tailored, personal approach … just like our flexible working policies.

Blended learning that brings together different learning approaches and puts the needs of the individual at the heart of it can help us all truly SHINE.


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