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What we do...

We create strong and spirited cultures by working with companies across all industries to help them build wicked, authentic internal cultures and discover who they are and their vision of the future.


We help kaimahi to be their best every day and produce amazing mahi.

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how we do it


Light the fire of engagement through bespoke events and workshops that involve your people to co-create culture defining projects and initiatives


Modern leadership as a key driver of engagement

Culture defining through values & behaviours

  • Define a vision for future business success

  • Build a strong unifying company or team purpose

  • Create a world class team environment through conversational, situational and role modelling leadership

  • Café sessions to involve the wider population in capturing the company essence

  • Values defining workshops with core teams and top talent

  • Embedding creative sessions across the company using values champions

Building brilliant teams

  • A day designed to answer a team brief and share our passion to unify, improve communication and create fabulous new ways of working

  • Employee Engagement action planning sessions

  • Business planning

  • Innovation and idea generation

  • Project scoping and co-creation session

  • Navigate tricky relationships and build high performing teams

Culture and change inspiring talks

  • Engage your audience and inspire action using FPB subject experts on a topic of your choice. Ask for more details.


Short, snappy and engaging workshops to help leaders, teams and individuals build wicked business behaviours and accelerate positive change

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workshops designed for...


The level of content...









Off the blocks

A great place for anyone to discover and learn, or dust off and refresh skills

Off the blocks workshops include:

  • Being brilliant and finding your fantastic self

  • What’s my brand?

  • Turning your strengths into super powers

  • The Persuaders

  • Performing at your best

  • Seeing the wood for the trees

  • Being professional without a suit

Off the blocks workshops include:

  • Turning team strengths into superpowers

  • Coaching 101

  • How to be a facilitation ninja

  • Stand up and own it

Off the blocks workshops include:

  • Manager 101: tricks of
    the trade

  • Helping others perform
    at their best

  • The art of tricky conversations

  • Hiring the best

Stepping up

Elevate your skills to develop yourself and others even further


Stepping up workshops include:

  • Successfully stepping up

  • Unleashing your creative
    genius every day

    PART 1

  • Putting the KA-POW into your personal impact

  • Sky rocketing your future

  • Embracing change

Stepping up workshops include:

  • Be cool as ice - stop,
    collaborate and listen

  • Hollywood stories, red carpet results
  • Social networking ninjas

Stepping up workshops include:

  • Building an all-star team

  • Sky rocketing your stars

  • Coaching like a pro
    PART 1

  • Communicate and collaborate
    NASA style

  • Millennial magic

  • Creating change champions



Polish your skills with top-class sessions for specialist knowledge

Masterclass workshops include:

  • Don’t just be well, be awesome

  • Unleashing your creative
    genius every day

    PART 2

  • Knowing me, knowing you...EI

  • The old curiosity shop

Masterclass workshops include:

  • Finding strength in difference

  • How to be a facilitation master

  • Social media gurus

Masterclass workshops include:

  • If you’re gonna lead...LEAD

  • Coaching like a pro
    PART 2

  • Crossroads conversations

  • Futurist leaders

As well as our catalogue of perfectly formed Bite-size sessions which address common business challenges, we also love working with clients to build bespoke sessions and programmes.


Set internal projects off with a BANG! Engage people through exciting internal commmunications that 'Pop' through print, digital and interactive platforms. Develop an internal tone of voice, call to action and get people talking.

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