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Back in 2017 FizzPopBANG founders, Imogen and Carla were working at Red Bull UK and they discovered the magic formula to building a truly amazing brand that consumers and customers would fall in love with. By coming together Head of Brand (Imogen) and Head of HR (Carla) you can create infectiously passionate and loyal people that act as an army of brand ambassadors...leading to increased performance.

Georgie joined Imogen & Carla in London and together they have built FizzPopBANG into a boutique Employee Engagement agency, made up of experts, trailblazers and thought leaders in HR, brand, consultancy, creativity, design, copywriting and L&D.



For over a decade now we have been working with some of the worlds biggest and most progressive organisations, start ups, SME's, agencies and individuals in all parts of the world. The size or location of company isn’t important, it’s the depth of ambition that counts. We want to work with whoever shares our purpose and vision of the future.


So you get...


People who bounce out of bed in the morning, loving what they do at work, ready for whatever challenge the day may bring and can’t wait to tell the world about it.


Teams who are engaged with the business objectives and are fully committed & excited to deliver them.


A more productive, dynamic work environment, where everyone can thrive and the business results speak for themselves.

OUR Values that make us uniquely us...
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