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 Our story...

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The year the FizzPopBANG journey began
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Carla and Imogen found a magic formula. As Head of HR and Head of Brand at Red Bull, they both discovered a passion for building strong, high performing teams by developing a vibrant culture.

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We hired our first recruit

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To have a truly amazing brand that consumers or customers fall in love with, you need infectiously passionate and loyal people that drive that ethos forward — an army of brand ambassadors. Having a strong marketing or business plan is no longer good enough… culture eats strategy for breakfast.

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9 years ago Carla and Imogen decided it was time to share this secret with other businesses and set up FizzPopBANG, a Brand Employee Engagement Consultancy on a mission...


So you get...


People who bounce out of bed in the morning, loving what they do at work, ready for whatever challenge the day may bring and can’t wait to tell the world about it.


Teams who are engaged with the business objectives and are fully committed & excited to deliver them.


A more productive, dynamic work environment, where everyone can thrive and the business results speak for themselves.

Georgie brought FizzPopBANG to NZ in 2018 and we are now joined by a brilliant global team of bright spark specialists ready to take on the world of work...


Carla and Imogen's story ignited the Values that make us uniquely us...

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