Our story...

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The year the FizzPopBANG journey began
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Carla and Imogen found a magic formula. As Head of HR and Head of Brand at Red Bull, they both discovered a passion for building strong, high performing teams by developing a vibrant culture.

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We hired our first recruit

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To have a truly amazing brand that consumers or customers fall in love with, you need infectiously passionate and loyal people that drive that ethos forward — an army of brand ambassadors. Having a strong marketing or business plan is no longer good enough… culture eats strategy for breakfast.

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7 years ago Carla and Imogen decided it was time to share this secret with other businesses and set up FizzPopBANG, a Brand Employee Engagement Consultancy on a mission...


In 2018, Georgie brought FizzPopBANG to NZ and joined by a brilliant team of bright spark specialists, we're ready to take on the world of work...


Carla and Imogen's story ignited the Values that make us uniquely us...